Our Fiesta® Dinnerware

We Sell Post 86 Fiesta® Dinnerware that is "Retired New Old Stock*"

Our Fiesta® Dinnerware Inventory

Good Things Really Do Come To Those Who Wait''. Our Retired Fiesta® Dinnerware Inventory is being offered for the first time in decades to beginners & advanced Collectors & Fiesta Enthusiasts who have been looking for that hard to find retired piece that's been kept new, not previously sold or used. We have accumulated the largest selection of retired Fiesta® Dinnerware pieces that has ever been offered with an online store. Most of our inventory is “Retired New Old Stock” that has been warehoused new for up 25-Years (except for the newer inventory colors.

Today this is how were able to offer this extensive Fiesta® Dinnerware selection. All of our inventory was purchased as first quality from Homer Laughlin Direct, one of its Distributors or Specialty Retailers that sold Fiesta® Dinnerware exclusives. We hand inspect each item for chips or cracks before it leaves our warehouse for shipping to our customers. When inspecting your Fiesta® Dinnerware please understand first quality does not always mean flawless, it only means the piece has passed a factory quality inspection to be classified as a first. Fiesta® Dinnerware is china and as such the nature of the item is to have slight flaws and color variations that is acceptable in first quality. These attributes are characteristic of the craft from which it was made.

All Post 86 Fiesta® Dinnerware is fired hotter for food service quality & lasting durability. When firing china hotter for durability can sometimes be a factor for minor inconsistencies with the wares. These minor inconsistencies are embraced as part of the unique individual charm. Fiesta® Dinnerware is the most collected dinnerware in the history of the tabletop industry and the timeless design, durability, lasting quality are the main factors for the dinnerware line to be in production nearly 70 years!

Fiesta® Features

• Fully virtified ceramics - industrial strength - Will not absorb odors or moisture

• Lead Free

• Made in USA (Newell, WV)

• Microwave safe

• Dishwasher safe

• Oven proof

• Chip resistance

• Available in more than 100 dinnerware and accessory pieces

• Most important, Fiesta® Dinnerware is the strongest, most resistant dinnerware in the market today.

Our Story

We started in business in the late 1980's selling Vintage Fiesta® Dinnerware, Bauer, & other Early California Pottery/Architectural Garden Ware and Vintage Tiles. Our business continually expanded and by the mid-1990's we operated 3-stores in the L.A. Area. In 1994 we were approached by Homer Laughlin Southern California Rep Group to consider selling the newer Fiesta® dinnerware line. We accepted the opportunity as it allowed us to increase our customer base greatly with America's most widely recognized & collected dinnerware in the U.S. We also understood that Fiesta® Dinnerware was mostly being sold through the department store chains and only a small portion of the extensive Fiesta® Dinnerware line was available there.

Our stores were large enough to display & stock the entire Fiesta® Dinnerware line, every piece in every color and every available accessory which attributed to our continued success. Also starting in 1994 the factory introduced its first of four limited production colors, Lilac. What followed with Lilac was a series of limited production pieces that were selling faster than they could reach our shelves. This told us that Homer Laughlin created a new generation of excited Collectors-Fiesta® Dinnerware Enthusiasts that were seeking out the that hard to find or limited production items. This excitement continued aggressively with the next 3-limited production colors, Sapphire, Chartreuse & Juniper and through the New Millennium. There were several limited production items produced over the next few years that are cherished and well kept by the advanced collectors.

What's unique with our Post 86 Fiesta® Dinnerware inventory is, it allows advanced or recent collectors a second opportunity to own that hard to find piece or limited production item in a retired color. Keep in mind that our inventory is still new and has never been sold to the Consumer. A large amount of Fiesta® Dinnerware offered for sale on the web today is a dealer's hand picked factory second or a piece that is used or pre-owned and offered in new condition, but these pieces are still considered used or pre-owned. We represent 100% of our Post 86 Retired Fiesta® Dinnerware Inventory was purchased new as first quality factory direct, or factory direct from a Fiesta® Distributor or new from a Speciality Retailers that sold Fiesta® Dinnerware exclusives.

*Retired New Old Stock, means retired Fiesta® inventory that has been stored or warehoused new for years and has never been sold to the public.